Hardcover book with CD of 20 songs


A unique history of the ‘Great War’ for all ages, that combines poignant and personal stories with songs commemorating the courage and bravery of the Australian and New Zealand soldiers and nurses who served at Gallipoli, the Western Front and the Middle East, and their families who supported them from the home front.The book contains 120 often rare photos and personal memorabilia, and a CD of 20 songs with commentary by original ANZAC Jack Nicholson. The songs are a unique, poignant expression of the World War 1 experience and take us on a moving personal journey into the heart of the Anzac legend.The ANZACS: 100 Years On in Story and Song is a tribute to the heroism of ordinary people in a deplorable situation. It deepens our understanding of the war that so profoundly shaped the national psyches of these two emerging nations, New Zealand and Australia, and forged enduring historical and cultural connections between their citizens.

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Ted Egan has been writing and singing about the Anzacs for over forty years. He sang some of the songs here while they listened, and passed that strict test brilliantly. He writes now for their descendants, young and old, an even stricter test, and passes that easily. There is nothing like this splendid collection. It pays an original and memorable tribute to an extraordinary generation.
Ted Egan’s The Anzacs 100 years On in Story and Song is a tour de force of Australia’s involvement in WW1, from the distress, agony and destruction to the achievements, bravery and heroics of the diggers and their great leaders, Monash and Chauvel. This is superb social and cultural history with a dose of realism when others, through ignorance or agendas, steer clear of the integrity of events. He sees history as it was rather than how he would like it to be. The bonus of excellent music (on an enclosed disc), an Egan forte, delivers an extra dimension to the sense of place and time.
– Prof. Bill Gammage AM
– Professor Roland Perry AO